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News : Deadline of Subject Change
Published On 16/8/2017

 Sister Nibedita Govt. General. Degree College for Girls


Notice No.:- 267/8/17                                                                      Date: 16.08.17

As per guidelines of University of Calcutta, Students, who wish to change subjects/ course stream, may apply to Principal after proper forwarding from Head of the Department. The application must reach college office (Students’ Section) with in 22nd August, 2017 for requisite processing .Subject/ Course stream change may be allowed, provided seats are available and the incumbent must have applied On-line for the said subjects, beforehand.


   s/d                                                                                                                                                                    Principal

Copy to:

1. Convenor of Admission Committee.

2. Students’ Section.

3. Students’ Notice Board.

4. Head Assistant.