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News : Online marks submission for SEM III and I 2019
Published On 26/11/2019








NOTICE NO. 216/11/2019                                                                                          DATE:- 26/11/2019


The tabulation subcommittee requests all departments to abide by the following rules and allotted slot for uploading the internal examination marks of semester 3 ,semester 1 and tutorial/practical marks of semester 3, 2019.


The rules are as follows:-


1)      The committee will/ have already send the pdf copy of award list of internal examination semester 3, semester 1, 2019 and tutorial/practical of semester 3, 2019 via email either to head of department or any other faculty member of the department (whose email id was available with the committee).


2)      The respective department will take at least one printout of each award list, fill it up and bring it along with them during online marks entry on the allotted date and slot.


3)      The members of committee will enter the marks in the portal according to the award list only in presence of any one faculty of the respective department. No change of date and slot schedule will be entertained by the committee.


4)      If any candidates roll number is missing from the award list then the blank award list needs to be filled up by department for the respective candidate(s) and submitted to tabulation sub-committee (2 copies).


5)      After the completion of entry, the committee will send the statement of marks to the respective department via email. The departments are requested to take one printout of each statement of marks and submit to tabulation sub-committee duly signed by department in all the sections including responsibility section (leaving only the OIC signature).


6)       The committee will get it signed by OIC of the college and return the signed copy to the department. The department will  preserve the hard copy. No hard copy will be preserved by tabulation subcommittee.



For any further queries, contact

Dr. Piya Seth

Dr. Soumita Kundu

Trina Chakraborty

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