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News : Notice for University Examination Sub Committee (Odd Semesters)
Published On 4/3/2021

 Sister Nibedita Govt. General Degree College for Girls

Hastings House, Alipore, Kolkata-27



Notice No: SNGGDCG/17                                                                           Date: 03/03/2021


 This is for the information of all concerned that some new members have been co-opted into the already existing University Examination Sub Committee (Semesters I & III) of our college and the new Sub-Committee is renamed as University Examination Sub Committee (Odd Semesters). This was urgently necessitated for smooth and efficient discharge of the wide gamut of functions related to the forthcoming Semester examinations I, III and V (online mode), 2021 of the University of Calcutta.


The Sub Committee now stands as follows :


1.         Prof. Ajoy Pal (Convenor)

2.         Dr. Basuli Maitra (Jt Convenor)

3.         Dr. Snigdha Bandyopadhyay (Jt Convenor)

4.         Dr. Subhalakshmi Dasgupta 

5.         Prof. Maumita De

6.         Prof. Piyanka Sengupta

7.         Prof. Anirban Sarkar

8.         Dr. Jayanta Nandi

9.         Prof. Anish Darnal

10.       Dr. Urmi Dutta

11.       Prof. Parul Singh

12.       Dr. Subhajyoti Pal

13.       Dr. Upala Saha

14.       Dr. Malay Ganguly

15.       Dr. Piya Seth

16.       Prof. Debjani Mukherjee (Banerjee)


The above members are hereby advised to lend their earnest supportive help and make this endeavour a grand success.



                                                                                                   Teachers’ Council Secretary





Sister Nibedita Government General Degree College for Girls,

 Hastings House,  Alipore, Kolkata-27.