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News : ENVS Project Notice for SEM 2
Published On 13/6/2021



Sister Nibedita Government General Degree College for Girls

Hastings House, Alipore, Kolkata-27


Notice No: SNGGDCG/30                                                                                                             Date: 13/06/2021


The current First Year Semester-II students of B.Sc./B.A. Honours CBCS curriculum of this college are required to complete and submit one in-house Project Report, as part of their Calcutta University Syllabus for Ability Enhancement Compulsory Course-2 (AECC-2) in Environmental Studies paper (ENVS) of total 100 marks.


The project must be based on primary and/or secondary data with due attribution to source of data. The project must clearly substantiate the objective(s) of the project and reflect social learning for continued relationships between man and environment. The project should seek to focus attention in understanding the perceptions of people on recent ‘hot issues’ related to man and environment.


The completed reports neatly typed written in proper form (preferably within 2500 words) in A4 size paper with citation of good case studies/questionnaire surveys/discussions/ demonstrations/illustrations/figures (in black & white or colour) on any one of the themes mentioned in Annexure-I must be submitted to the respective departmental co-ordinators as noted below :


Name of

ENVS Project Co-ordinators

Contact Mail

Departments Allotted

Dr. S. Chakrabarti Department of Geology

Computer Science, Economics, Geography, Bengali , Zoology,  Philosophy

Dr. Rajarshi Roy

Department of Botany




Geology, English, Political Science, History, Physics,

Dr. Tuhin Subhra Sarkar

Department of Zoology


Botany, Mathematics,  Food and Nutrition, Sanskrit, Physiology, Statistics

 The last date of submission of projects to respective ENVS Project Co-ordinators is 30th June, 2021.

  Sd/-                                                                                        Sd/-

Dr. Sebanti Bhattacharya,                                             Dr. S. Chakrabarti

Officer-in-Charge               Convener, Committee on Environmental Studies

Sister Nibedita Govt. General Degree College for Girls


For further readings on ENVS, the students may please refer the section “Study Material” of college website:


1.      E-version of UGC reference book titled “Text Book on Environmental Studies” by Erach Bharucha.

2.      Salient web links to key environmental topics covered under ENVS syllabus.





1.                 Eco-friendly Products

2.                 Green Scenarios in Your Locality

3.                 Clean Energy

4.                 Urban-Rural Environmental Interfaces

5.                 Environmental Rights

6.                 Eco-Tourism

7.                 Environment and Literature

8.                 Environmental Aesthetics

9.                 Environmental Data Analysis

10.             Climate Change

11.             Coastal Vulnerability

12.             Biodiversity and Sustainability

13.             Socio-Cultural Issues and Environment

14.             Resource Conservation and Management

15.             Solid Waste Disposal

16.             Natural Disasters

17.             Natural Conservation

18.             Hazard and Risk management

19.             Eco-Auditing

20.             EIA-EMP

21.             Toxicology

22.             Visual Pollution

23.             Environmental Legislation

24.             Green Audit

25.             Bioremediation

26.             Pollution


The report must be written in own languages and reflect the individuality and perception of the students on the subject topic. The report must contain data and information that are generated solely by the concerned students (primary data). Literature survey is encouraged; full references to this effect as per standard norms are to be furnished at the end of the report.


Each student must mention the following information on the cover page of the report.


1.            Name of the Candidate

2.            Name of the Department

3.            Registration Number with Year

4.            Departmental Roll Number

5.            University Roll Number (if available)

6.            Name the Title of their chosen Theme (as mentioned above)


The Structure of the Report must as follows:


1.            Introduction

2.            Study Objectives

3.            Study Area

4.            Methodology and Plan of Work

5.            Literature Survey

6.            Generation of Primary Data

7.            Study Findings

8.            Summary and Conclusion